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Sometimes renting is the best option. Whether you're new to the area, unsure of how long you'll stay, or the logistics of selling and buying push you there, you may find yourself looking for a lease. For whatever reason, if you decide to rent, here's how the process goes with Liz & Ellie.


Discuss what you need and what you want.

You may need to have 2 bedrooms and be near the Red Line; garage parking and a fireplace would be nice. Once we distill your true needs and identify your optional "wants," we can move forward.


Settle on a price point.

Work with us to find out the average rent in a given neighborhood you're interested in. Compare this to your income level and choose a range that fits with your budget. We strongly suggest you begin with a number in mind, and manage your expectations accordingly. 


Start looking.

We tap into our significant Compass resources to find apartments that fit your criteria, then make appointments to view them with you. Once you've seen a few places, you'll get a sense of what's available, and you'll be able to make an informed decision.

When you find a suitable apartment, we will help you fill out the application, run your credit check, and negotiate on your behalf with the landlords.


Sign the lease and pay your fee.

Your signature on the lease closes the deal and you now have somewhere to live. The fee for our services is the equivalent of one month's rent. Occasionally that can be waived if the landlord is willing to pay half, or if you end up in a full-service building where there is no fee.

If you're wondering whether renting is right for you, or if you want help finding the perfect apartment, contact us. We're here to help.

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With their complementary communication styles, responsiveness, competence, and ability to truly listen, Ellie and Liz enable their clients to feel at ease throughout any real estate transaction. They would welcome the opportunity to be your next real estate advisors.

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