Attorneys are valuable resources for both buyers and sellers throughout any real estate transaction. Although good agents know a lot about negotiating and working with contracts, they can’t make judgments on legal questions. For example, what if your prospective new home has an illegal in-law unit? Or, how do you correctly draft any unusual language for the Purchase and Sale? What if you are concerned about some of the legal terms and language in your mortgage agreement? Or maybe you are wondering if you should sign the Homestead Act? It makes sense to hire a professional to represent you on such large investments. In Massachusetts, it is mandatory for a buyer to hire legal representation. Read Ellie's blog on the attorney's role in a real estate transaction here.

Here are a few fantastic real estate attorneys, listed in alphabetical order. We recommend them highly.

Susan Goldstein
Pressman & Kruskal Cambridge, MA
phone: 617-492-2211

EJ Schneider 
Dalton & Finegold, LLP Boston, and Andover, MA
phone: 862-354-1324

Anthony (Tony) Troiano 
Charlestown, MA
phone: 617-242-4400

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With their complementary communication styles, responsiveness, competence, and ability to truly listen, Ellie and Liz enable their clients to feel at ease throughout any real estate transaction. They would welcome the opportunity to be your next real estate advisors.

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