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The mortgage market offers a variety of mortgage loans that cater to the needs of home buyers. The basic principle of a mortgage is that your home is used as security to back up the loan. The larger the loan is when compared to the value of the home, the more risky it is for the lender – and the more expensive the loan usually becomes. Scroll down to view our preferred lenders.


All mortgage loans are either fixed payments with fixed or variable interest rates, or variable rates and variable payments. Variable rate loans usually have much lower interest rates to compensate for the risk the borrower accepts that interest rates will rise in the future. It pays to shop around and to understand your options.

Here are our preferred lenders in alphabetical order:

Jarred Alexandrov
CMG Home Loans
office: (508) 735-0078
email: [email protected]

Shant Banosian
Guaranteed Rate
office: 617-286-8903
cell: 617-827-6674
email: [email protected]

Matthew Chabot
Washington Trust
office: 781-328-6713
email: [email protected]

Kevin Greeley
Leader Bank
office: 781-641-8600
cell: 781-929-4147
email: [email protected]

Jonathan Sexton
Rockland Trust
cell: 617-922-4088
email: [email protected]

David Viveiros
Radius Financial Group
cell: 508-930-2172
email: [email protected]



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