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11/20/23  |  Liz and Ellie Local

This time each year, our team at Liz & Ellie Local takes time to reflect on the past twelve months and give thanks for the aspects of our lives that deserve some recognition. Our topic for 2023 is “The Little Things.” In a world filled with conflict, we can start to feel (okay, we already are) overwhelmed. In order to stay grounded, we look to gratitude; after all, practicing gratitude is a proven approach to battle those existential blues.

What little things are you thankful for?



My feet! They have enabled me to practice yoga, walk into Davis Square, press the gas pedal hard when I need a burst of speed, and kick up the leaves during the fall season. They are constantly learning difficult TOCADOF patterns in Cuban dancing (look it up! It’s cool). My feet helped me finish my first women’s 10K this year, and have taken me hiking in Northern Spain and in Denmark, Maine. My feet: They are definitely not neat, they don’t like the feeling of defeat, and rhyme with sweets (aka chocolate). I appreciate my feet!



My little things are literally little: puzzle pieces, silver jump rings, a clove of garlic. After too many years of turning to my phone to provide distraction or entertainment in times of stress, I’ve reconnected with how using my hands to produce something of beauty brings a sense of peace. My favorite number of puzzle pieces is 1000. First you have to sort them all out, which is great to do while listening to music or a podcast. All you’re doing is focusing on patterns, shapes, and colors. The jump rings are for my newest hobby, which is making chainmail jewelry. Again, it’s repetitive and detail-oriented, and you end up with something beautiful. Cooking is somewhat out of the mold of the previous two, but is still a small thing I can do: make a tasty meal using my creativity and skill to bring joy to myself and those I love. It really *is* the little things.



Nature has this amazing way of calming everything down, like when the sun sets quietly or the wind rustles through the trees. Those moments just feel peaceful; my breathing slows and my muscles relax. Connecting with friends is like that, too—it’s the small chats over a drink or a good talk that bring me calm and contentment. And totally unrelated, but as important to me: fixing and mending stuff around the house! It's like solving a puzzle. It might be small, like a holey sock or a wobbly chair, but restoring broken items makes me feel proud. These little things fill my heart with gratitude, reminding me that amidst life's grandeur, the simplest moments hold the most profound beauty.



There are a million little things that I am grateful for, but if I had to choose one I'd say COFFEE. Knowing I will soon taste a delicious brew can literally propel me out of bed in the morning with something to look forward to. I love the ritual of preparing that first cup—the aroma as it brews and the warm feel of the mug against my palm. My morning coffee is indeed a little thing, but it is one of the only moments I get to sit quietly, on my own, and just be…before the hustle and bustle of the day begins. For me, that simple quiet moment is a reminder of how lucky I am, and reminds me to be grateful for everything I have.



We hope you can take time in the coming weeks to find calm and joy in the little things, too. If you want to learn more about how gratefulness can help you through tough times, this article from the National Institutes of Health  is a great place to start.


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