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11/25/19  |  Rebecca Taplin

Liz and Ellie use their decades of experience in and around Cambridge, in conjunction with their professionalism and humor as called for, to help people buy and sell property. Our team joined Compass Real Estate three years ago in great part because of their excellent technology and innovative thinking. Since we joined the Compass family, we've built up a serious arsenal of client-focused tools.

Here's a run-down on the ones we use most to help buyers, sellers, and even our cities thrive:
Stunning first impressions are vital when listing a home for sale. A spotless, well-maintained, staged home sells faster, with less stress, and for more money than one that hasn't been prepared correctly. However, some sellers simply don't have the cash on hand to bankroll every needed improvement. Compass understands this issue, and developed Concierge to address it head-on. Homeowners can now benefit from professional cleaning, repairs, and even staging with no money up front. Compass pays for all the preparations, and recoups the cost at closing; while the seller pockets more money, sooner, and with fewer headaches.
Coming Soon
Preparing and staging a home are essential to impressing potential home buyers, but what if you can't get people in to see your listing? Our targeted marketing showcases your beautiful home for maximum interest. Compass Coming Soon is like the announcement of your favorite band's upcoming tour: it builds excitement, previews stunning photos of the listing, and ensures a full open house. When we share your listing with our extensive network of Compass agents and potential home buyers, it's top-of-mind with them. And big open houses generally mean lots of excellent offers! Browse our upcoming listings here.
Bridge Loans
Buying a new home before selling the old one is a tough proposition for many (read our blog about it here). Lots of folks sell their home first, then move to temporary housing until a new home is purchased; alternatively, they write a selling contingency* into any offer they make, which may weaken the offer. However, it makes great sense to buy first whenever possible: time pressure is removed from moving, staging an empty home is easier, and multiple moves aren't necessary. That's what Compass had in mind when they rolled out their bridge loan program. Buyers get a short-term loan to help them purchase their new home, then pay back the loan after the sale of their original home. Keeping the financials with Compass streamlines the process, and ensures excellent customer care. Now, buying first and selling later isn't such a tough proposition after all.
*a selling contingency makes the offer to buy a given home contingent on the sale of the buyer's own home. It does allow the buyer access to funds from their home's sale, but any number of speed bumps can slow the process down. Many sellers dislike these contingencies, and may put this sort of offer on the bottom of the pile.
Compass Cares
Every Compass office around the country uses this feature that's more about building community than buying or selling homes. It’s a charitable program called Compass Cares. Every transaction completed through us results in a donation being made to our local communities. Ellie and I get to choose which organizations and charities to support; so instead of the head office dictating where the funds go, we personally have a voice. And finally, Compass employees get paid to complete up to eight hours of local volunteer work each year. We love taking time to contribute to our own communities, and doing that with the support of Compass feels really good.
Think of Liz and Ellie as a pair of superheroes, and our suite of supports as our secret (or in this case, not-so-secret) treasure trove of incredible gadgets that help us win the day. Contact us and let's get started!

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