Voting- it's not just for November anymore

09/11/19  |  Rebecca Taplin

Liz and Ellie want YOU to remember to vote in your city or town's elections-- which may be happening in September!

Whichever city or town you live in, you’re likely to catch a glimpse (or ten) of lawn signs, posters, or sign-bearing-happy-waving people on the corners these days. That means it’s local election time, and we at Liz & Ellie Real Estate encourage you to get involved.
Most people know that national elections happen on the first Tuesday in November, but local elections can start in September, and can occur throughout the year, depending on your town’s structure. Your local officials help shape the community you live in at the most basic level, from waste disposal to parades, so getting involved can only benefit you.
Your municipality’s representatives are your neighbors in a very real sense. You’ll see them in the grocery store, at the dog park, or at your place of worship. If you know someone who’s running for public office in your community, take some time to get to know them. Ask them questions about issues that affect you directly; and if you like what they have to say, then show up and cast a vote for them.
Voting isn’t the only way you can participate in your community’s government. If you really love a candidate, you can connect in more ways:
  • Register to vote if you aren't yet registered;
  • Display a yard sign or wear a candidate’s button;
  • Stand on those street corners and wave at the folks in cars going by;
  • Make a donation to your neighbor’s campaign. Even local politicians need money for those signs and buttons and flyers!
  • Talk to your neighbors. Who are they supporting, and why?
  • Find out when your local votes are happening, and share this information with others.
To help you with this last suggestion, we’ve gathered information for Boston, Brookline, Somerville, Cambridge, Arlington, Medford, and Melrose. If we haven’t listed what you need here, contact us or search the internet for your city or town’s election website.
Now, get out there and vote!

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