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Showing love in the time of corona

04/16/20  |  Ellie Botshon

Well folks, we’re a month into social isolation, and anyone who didn’t think it was a big deal has probably changed their opinion. Some of us are now applying for unemployment relief, while others are figuring out how to work from home. Many have children of all ages who are doing a huge range of school-related activities, from ZOOM conferences to worksheets. And we’re not going to lie: it’s quite stressful. The playgrounds and dog parks are closed in most towns, so our kiddos have nowhere to play.

It’s not just important to take care of our bodies; we also need to keep our minds and spirits healthy. We’ve talked to friends and colleagues who are learning to play a new instrument, binge watching TV, or playing board games. One movement, which seems to be everywhere, is sewing masks for our healthcare workers who so desperately need them. Knowing that you may help keep a doctor, nurse, or friend safe can help settle that stress headache (or stomachache). Helping in a time of crisis keeps our spirits up, simply put. Personally, I support this organization which has emerged specifically to fight against Covid19.
But not everyone has a sewing machine, never mind sewing skills, materials, time, or extra money. So what else can we do to help? We’ve compiled a list of organizations who could use some assistance. Check them out and decide what works for you in your current situation; and if you need help, reach out to one of these organizations and tell them what you need.
Keep your body, mind, and spirit fueled with good things. We will get through this!
Local Groups:
National Groups (highly rated by Charity Watch) :

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