Pet Needs a Resume

02/6/17  |  Liz Lyster

Catchy pet resume that can tip the scales in your favor.

Yes, it’s true: If you’re a pet owner, and you are trying to rent an apartment, you need a pet resume if you want a shot at getting the place you’re applying for. Below is an outline for writing a clear, catchy pet resume that can tip the scales in your favor. Following the outline, you’ll find a template you can use for your own pet resume.
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Creating an Effective Pet Resume

Basic information: List the pet’s breed, size, age, most recent vaccinations, and whether or not s/he is spayed or neutered. Include a picture! This will confirm the breed* and size of the pet; but more importantly, it’ll pull at the landlord’s heartstrings.
Training: Describe any training the pet, particularly a dog, has had.
References: Get written statements from previous landlords and/or neighbors. Include their names and contact information.
Temperament: If possible, emphasize if your animal has a good, docile, and possibly lazy temperament. A good resource for information on dogs in particular can be found at breed
Veterinarian: Be sure to provide a reference or contact information for your vet. Some properties require documentation that all the shots are up to date.
Optional: You may offer to sign a pet agreement, and provide an extra deposit to cover any pet damage.
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* For dogs categorized on the aggressive breed list, you can offer to purchase liability insurance for your pet and present this information to the homeowner, and/or list them on your pet’s resume.

Below is a Sample Letter You Can Attach to the Resume. Feel Free to Cut, Paste, and Edit as Needed

To Whom It May Concern:
By way of this letter, I’d like to introduce myself. For 12 years, I have been employed at ABC Insurance as an adjuster in Kansas City, MO. Recently, I was promoted to Manager and the company is relocating me to Boston, MA. I have a dog, Tucker, who has been my companion for the last eight years. I treat Tucker as my child and she is just as important to my family, who celebrates her birthdays and includes her in holiday gatherings. 
My past landlords would be happy to give us a great reference:
David Huff: 270-xxx-xxxx
Martin Hicks: 816-xxx-xxxx
Jack Russell mix, female, spayed
Weight is about 20 lbs
Shots up to date as of 12/10/16
Training: I trained Tucker extensively, and I crate her when I am not home.
Vet:  Jack Davidson 617-xxx-xxxx
Breed Information & Temperament: Tucker is happiest when given a job to perform.  Her intelligence, endurance, and willingness to work make her a devoted companion. In addition, she responds quietly to new situations and displays a wait-and-see attitude. She loves people; sometimes she behaves in a goofy manner toward family and friends. We spend a lot of time at home together, but when I travel she travels with me. She spends most of her time indoors, mostly on my couch.
As a homeowner, I understand that owning certain breeds raises your insurance premium and puts the owner at risk. I also know that a dog could increase rental insurance, and am willing to pay extra to continue to have her with me. In the three years I’ve owned my home in our quiet neighborhood I’ve never had a complaint or problem.
Finally, I am very tidy and have respect for other people’s property. I will ensure that your home is left in good condition. I hope that you will consider me. I believe this apartment is a great fit for Tucker and me!
Jane Doe
Attachments: Rental Application, Credit Report
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