Moving? Declutter and Donate

02/28/19  |  Rebecca Taplin

Moving is the perfect opportunity to declutter your home. And rather than selling or throwing away your unwanted furniture and household items, it’s even better to do some good and donate it. We put together a list of organizations that accept clothes, household items and furniture in the Greater Boston area. The places higher up on the lists are the most localized; as you go down each list, the organizations get bigger and the areas they cover increase.

If the thought of going through your possessions leaves you overwhelmed, start with the list of our favorite colleagues in the organizing business.



Moving is stressful enough without having to face all the choices about what to keep and what to get rid of. Whether you don't have the time, energy, or desire to do it on your own, call one of these home organizers to lend you a hand. They'll work with you at the level you need: From simple tips and tricks to keep on your packing schedule to full-blown support right through moving day, organizers can actually make moving fun. Our list is in alphabetical order. All of them are trusted by us.




Household items and clothes

Your old clothes, coffee pots, silverware, and even artwork could help a family in need. Before choosing a location to donate, visit their website to find lists of the items they accept and what they don't accept. Boomerangs has a fantastic "dos and don'ts" page with alternative places that will take what Boomerangs won't.


When you've accepted that the couch you've had since college isn't going to make the trip to your new home, don't just stick it on the sidewalk and hope someone grabs it before trash day. Many charitable organizations will pick up your furniture for free. Do a bit of research, then call and make an appointment for that truck to come and relieve you of your old furniture.


Home Improvement Materials

Let's be honest: Nobody wants you to donate your old paint, cleaning bottles, and compact fluorescent bulbs. Contact Boston Building Resources to safely get rid of these items.

Recycling and Hazardous Waste Disposal, Paper Shredding


Just about Anything



Junk Removal

Sometimes you have a big pile of, well, junk. Call one of these places and get them to take it off your hands. But be careful and ask questions before committing your items to these places, as some promise to recycle but don’t.

Douglas Junk Removal and Recycling


It's worth the time and energy to declutter and donate.

The landfill really shouldn't be the final resting place for so many items from our homes!

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