2022 Real Estate Lessons

12/18/22  |  Liz and Ellie Local

It’s the end of the year again, which means it’s time to look back and reflect on 2022. This year, we’ll focus on how we were able to turn lemons into lemonade! Here are some of the most challenging—or as we like to say, interesting—experiences we’ve had this year. 

How does an art consultant support a real estate team?

In early 2022, Stephanie Bond joined our team as an art consultant, relatively new to real estate. These two fields don’t inherently match…or do they? Our clients Nick and Winny worked very hard to pare down and declutter their two-bedroom condo in Somerville, as we suggested. But once that was done, the home felt a little barren. Stephanie swooped in with an armload of artwork from her gallery, which she professionally mounted in just the right spots. As a result, potential buyers were welcomed with warmth and energy as opposed to empty walls. The property sold for over the asking price with multiple offers. Stephanie also offers consultations if you are looking to purchase art for your home, and can help you establish the value of pieces you already own. Check out her gallery at to learn more. 


When does a home listed as having “potential” deliver on that promise?

A home listed as having a lot of “potential” usually means it needs work. We took on one of these listings and learned so much! Our historical sleuthing on an Italianate two-family in Somerville helped us showcase its unique architecture. According to the Somerville Preservation Commission, the details in this home were "nothing short of wonderful." They included high ceilings, double arched windows with a keystone motif, substantial baseboards, pedimented windows, and highly decorated interior moldings.


The history of a home can help explain its features and even increase its value. We like to tell the story of a home when we put together the listing materials, in order to build understanding and excitement about the home’s unique architecture. Double arched windows soften the room, frame a gorgeous view, and suggest a classic style; high ceilings create more space and allow for gorgeous chandelier lighting; highly decorated interior moldings bring visual interest and appreciation for this skilled craft. And yes, these individual features are lovely; but more importantly, they help tell the story of a particular home in the Boston area. Here, homes have a past that is worthy of telling.


Do I really need to get an inspection? Yes, yes, you do.

Scheduling a home inspection is always important, even in newer, updated, and remodeled homes; and we have averted disaster because of the inspection on several occasions. This fall, we represented the buyers of a $2 million home in North Cambridge. The home was beautifully updated, and no one expected any work would be needed. However, we always recommend an inspection, and our buyers went ahead and scheduled one. The inspector suggested we hire an expert to check out the sewage pipes, as that’s not something he does. Sure enough, the entire length of sewage pipe going to the road had disintegrated and collapsed. The sellers agreed to replace it, which is no small thing! Can you imagine the disappointment and buyer’s remorse our clients would have felt if they’d discovered this after closing on their home? Even in a busy market, there is always time to inspect a home you want to buy. It just makes sense.


Our 2022 takeaways in a nutshell:

  1. Every team member contributes their unique experience.
  2. Homes with “potential” are homes with a vibrant history.
  3. Always—yes always—inspect a home you’re interested in buying.


What are the lessons you’ve learned from 2022 (besides “commuting really is as bad as I remembered it from before Covid”)?

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