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2019 Design Trends

01/22/19  |  Rebecca Taplin

Happy 2019! We at Liz & Ellie Real Estate love to talk about home design, and we love to share with you, so here’s what we see in terms of 2019’s design trends.

Happy 2019! One of my goals for this year is to update the decor in my home, so I’ve been researching trends and predictions for where 2019 is headed, design-wise. Once I know the latest styles, I will modify them to suit my taste, price point, and time frame. We at Liz & Ellie Real Estate love to talk about home design, and we love to share with you, so here’s what we see in terms of 2019’s design trends. Use this blog as an inspirational guide, or start here and expand your own research as you wish.
2019’s colors are bold, dark, and moody.
Pantone’s color of the year, Living Coral," may be bright, but most other trends are moving away from pastels and toward dark hues. Eggplant, brown, maroon, and grays will dominate this year. Paint a door, purchase or paint an accent table, or find a rug in one of these dark colors and you’ll be en vogue all year long.
The “accent room” is also in style now. Most of us know about the accent wall: painting one wall of a room in an eye-catching shade. These days, designers are choosing an entire room to splash with something different. Maybe it’s the home office, TV room, or a bedroom—the smaller, more personal rooms in the home work best for this trend. Take a look around your home and decide if one of your rooms is ready for a bold color makeover.
Add or update boundaries to open- and broken-plan spaces.
We wrote a piece about the broken-plan concept, so read this first if you’re not sure what it is. If you’re ready to read on, think about how you’re currently defining different areas of your open- or broken-plan home, and find ways to freshen up or redefine your approach. 2019 will see lots of glass and steel room dividers in homes, so do some research and see if this is the right approach for you.
Transform your kitchen into the most interesting room in the house.
Start with your backsplash: Tile the entire wall up to the ceiling; stick with classic subway tile; or continue last year’s trend of scalloped tiles.
Connect your kitchen with the outdoors. Add french doors out to a patio, build a few stairs down to the grassy backyard, or install a large window if you live above ground level. Homeowners spend so much time in the kitchen; make it easier to get out to the grill or to keep an eye on your kids or dogs playing. Plant a kitchen garden with basil, rosemary, and mint, and you’ll soon be effortlessly adding fresh herbs to your meals. I live on the second floor and have a giant planter with herbs on my walkway— it’s great to pop downstairs, breathe in the fresh air, and wave to my neighbors before heading back up to cook with some delicious herbs.
If you’re looking for a significant change, consider adding more black to your kitchen. Yes, black. Designers are noticing that while white cabinets are still the most sought-after choice, black cabinets are gaining in popularity. They look bold and sleek, draw the eye, and won’t show every single splatter.
Diversify your seating options. Some folks are building benches into their eat-in kitchens and dining rooms, or are finding a cool retro loveseat as an alternative to individual chairs. These benches draw the eye and invite camaraderie, and can save you some money versus purchasing separate chairs.
Don’t forget the bathroom!
We’re thinking of adding a bathroom to our house, and I’m researching our tub options. One of the trends this year is the “destination tub,” a truly luxurious spot to soak in a calm, cozy room. It can be a spa, a vintage or reclaimed clawfoot, or just a deep tub. Add new, thick towels, a coat of rich brown paint on the walls, and you can retreat to your new zone of relaxation.
Wood vanities make a statement, particularly if they’re reclaimed or vintage. Forget the impersonal built-in models many home upgrades have; do a little antiquing or flea-marketing, and choose a piece that will make your bathroom bring a smile to your face.
Less minimalism, more naturalism is the way to go in 2019.
Minimalism is a concept that many people have embraced; in fact, we wrote a blog about it here. We are seeing a bit of a swing away from minimalism this year, mostly in the forms and shapes objects are taking. What does this look like? Fewer straight lines and smooth textures, more curves and natural fibers. We still recommend that you clear out items that no longer serve you (yes, we know all about Marie Kondo), but you don’t have to make your home feel like a hotel room. Choose your materials carefully, and select those that feel cozy and comforting.
I am going to make some significant and some small changes in my home this year, and I'm excited to dive in. How will you incorporate 2019's design trends into your own home?

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