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2018 design trends

01/8/18  |  Ellie Botshon

Welcome to 2018! Many people start the new year by planning to update a room in their home, so we gathered some eye candy to inspire you!

We love perusing design sites to see what trends are emerging in home décor. And it's fun to look at how people interpret these trends, whether on a budget or with unlimited funds. Which of these up-and-coming styles suit your home’s personality?
Redefine your kitchen space
Lots of homes have opened their kitchen/dining/living spaces over the past few years. While this lends great flow to a home, it takes away from the cozy feeling some people want from their kitchens. Adding a movable island, a half-wall, or even a small table can bring back some of that feeling without sacrificing the overall flow of your room. Houzz has a whole article on this idea of "broken" space.
Install antibacterial counters
Yup. Houzz has a page on these new materials that literally kill bacteria, so you don’t need to use all those antibacterial wipes and such. Some of them even purify the air in your home! Read more here if this fascinates you as much as it did us.
Add scalloped backsplashes
Subway tile is still classic, but these curved tiles, which evoke fish scales and thus movement and sparkle, are coming on strong. Changing or adding a backsplash is minimally invasive as well, so it could be just the update you’re looking for.
Ditch the shower curtain rod
Especially in small bathrooms, a curtain rod closes off the room and makes it look claustrophobic. Instead, take down the rod and install a glass divider to keep the space lighter. You should invest in a shower squeegee too, but those are cheap and pretty fun to use!
Choose black matte finishes in the bathroom
A simple way to update your bathroom’s look is to change the fixtures, and finding them in black matte is becoming easier by the minute. It’s contemporary but also neutral and classy!
Dare to use bold colors
Ready for a new couch, chair, or rug in your living room? You’ll be able to choose from an array of bright and bold colors this year. From 70s inspired yellows to Pantone’s 2018 color of the year “Ultra Violet,” you can add a splash of daring color to brighten your living room this year.
Go minimalist in the bedroom
While your shared space can handle bright colors, 2018 is banking on you wanting a neutral, calm spot for quiet rest. Achieve this by streamlining the décor in your bedroom. Use neutral colors, pare down the artwork, and get rid of some of the stuff in there. Simplifying your personal space can add a little peace to your life.
Explore vintage lighting
2018 will see a resurgence of vintage lighting. IKEA will always be popular, but search through antiques stores, yard and estate sales, or your grandmother’s attic and see if you can dust off a midcentury modern lamp or a 70s desk light. These will add a sense of flair to any space if not overused.
Keep those wood accents
If you’ve been procrastinating the task of painting over the wood trim in your home, then you’re one step ahead of the pack for 2018’s trends. Keeping the natural wood grain visible in wainscoting, window trim, and baseboards is a “yes” this year. Be sure to add splashes of color to brighten up the room as a whole, but the warmth of natural wood will fit perfectly in with this year’s style.

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